Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic Limbs UK

Introduction To Prosthetic Limbs In The UK

Generally speaking, prosthetics are medical devices that are used to replace a missing limb. Throughout history, prosthetic arms and legs were used mostly for soldiers. Egyptians were the first people in history to use prosthetics, and since then prosthetic arms and legs were used only for soldiers and civilians who were able to afford them, because prosthetics were very expensive. However, today there are a lot of companies dealing with prosthetic limbs and there are many different types of prosthetic limbs which are to be used for people with different needs. Medicine has developed widely in this field and is constantly making efforts to help people in need of a prosthetic limb.

How Do Prosthetic Limbs Work And What Are They Made Of?

Prosthetic limbs have highly developed from the first time they were used, and now there are a lot of different types for users with different activities and needs. There are also many different materials that are used for manufacturing prosthetic limbs. Most of these materials are very different than ones that were used in the past - wood and iron or steel have been replaced with lighter and stronger materials such as different kinds of plastics, carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium and others.

When it comes to the question how prosthetic limbs work, it depends on which type is talked about. For example, there are types of cosmetic limbs that are just similar to or greatly resemble an actual limb, but these cant move or function in any way. On the other hand, there are body-powered prosthetic limbs, which are moved by the user pulling a series of cables; or the user can even move the prosthesis by contracting his muscles in a certain way - these are called externally powered prosthetic limbs.

Recovery Process With Prosthetic Limbs

People who need prosthetic limbs should be aware of the fact that there is a recovery period after they are fitted with an artificial limb. Depending on the type of the prosthetic limb, recovery is in most cases long and sometimes painful. There are support groups throughout the UK that can help people deal with the loss of a limb or that can help them get through the recovery period easier and more successfully.

Physical therapy is the most important aspect of the recovery period, because it takes time for the user to accept the prosthetic limb and to learn how to use it properly. This can sometimes be difficult or depressing, and it is very important that people talk to their doctors about anything that they find unusual or particularly hard during the course of recovery. This is how doctors can see if everything is going as planned and successfully predict the outcome of the therapy. Also, during this period, it is necessary for people to find support and comfort in their family members or friends, in order not to be alone through these difficult and demanding times. After the recovery period is over, people are ready to start living their lives as before and to try to get back to their usual activities.