Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic Limbs FAQ's

Introduction To Prosthetic Limb FAQ's

When it comes to prosthetic limbs, information is the most important topic. People who are supposed to be fitted with a prosthetic limb have a lot of questions and concerns, and to them, getting much needed information is crucial. This is why there are support groups, counselling and many other ways of making them part of the process by answering all the questions they might have. Online, there are many internet sites and they all offer most frequently asked questions on the subject. All companies that deal with prosthetic limbs have support services which are also there to answer any questions about the products, prices, recovery process or any other questions.

Prosthetic Limbs FAQ's

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that will help people better understand some issues concerning prosthetic limbs.

Q How much will the prosthesis cost?

A Prices range from 3,500 to a staggering 30,000 for prosthetic limbs of different types. People can find out the exact amount when they contact the company and go on a consultation.

Q How long will it take to get the prosthesis?

A It will take up to eight or nine weeks, depending on the patient's wishes for the type of prosthesis.

Q Will my health insurance pay for my prosthesis?

A Depending on the health insurance, it might for the whole amount or a part of it.

Q What is a prosthesis?

A A prosthetic limb is a device that is fitted onto the body where a body part is missing enabling the user to function more easily.

Q How much does a prosthetic leg weigh?

A On average, an artificial leg weighs from 2 to 5kg - depending on the type and the material used for the making of the prosthetic leg.

Q How do I choose a prosthetic limb?

A People should pay attention to a couple of different things when choosing a prosthetic limb: which type of prosthetic limb a patient needs, which activities the patient hopes to do with the prosthetic limb, how would the patient like their leg to look like and the financial aspect.

Q How will I learn to use the prosthetic limb?

A After the patient is fitted with the prosthetic limb, they will have to go to physical therapy and it is advisable that the patient joins a support group, where they can receive all the information they require and where they will learn how to use the prosthetic limb by sharing experiences with other people in the same situation.

After getting all the information that they need, people often find it much easier to accept and cope with the loss of a limb and the use of the prosthetic limb. That is when they start to regain their self-confidence, independence and when they start feeling like they can really get back on their feet and take control of their life once again. Dealing with the loss of a limb is never easy and it always takes a lot of energy and will, as well as faith. People have to hear stories about successful recoveries in order to start believing in their own recovery.