Prosthetic Limbs

Athletes With Prosthetic Limbs

Introduction To Athletes With Prosthetic Limbs

Although it may not look like a field in which disabled people could reach sky high performances, the sports world pushes incredible people towards achieving remarkable goals whatever their handicaps are. Missing limbs may be part of a bitter reality, but some gifted people manage to sweeten it by combining their unique talent with strong motivational forces that drives them towards overcoming their disabilities, often whilst competing with healthy professionals.

World Renowned Disabled Athletes

Oscar Pistorius and Jirí Jezek are just two examples pulled out of an entire mass of ambitious people whose goals and dreams didn't come to an end because of their amputated limbs, but on the contrary, their condition paradoxically became their main resource that lead them to enter Paralympic competitions, as well as regular championships and Olympic games, competing against able-bodied sportsmen.

Having an amputated limb shouldn't determine anyone to pull out the stop sign and cease to live a healthy, active life. These athletes with prosthetic limbs aren't worth watching just because they are great at what they do, but because they represent a true inspiration for anyone willing to let oneself be amazed and driven by their incredible achievements.

Oscar Pistorius

The first of the athletes with prosthetic limbs that we're going to talk about is Oscar Pistorius whose reputation was connected to his artificial prosthetic device that aided him in exceeding everyone's expectations of becoming the fastest athlete with no legs. Having his legs amputated below the knee at the incredibly young age of 11 months-old didn't stop Oscar Pistorius of becoming a highly known world record holder, gaining the world's respect and admiration as he won the gold metal at all three events of a Paralympic competition in Beijing.

Oscar Pistorius created quite a sensation in the athletics world, finding in himself the strength of running 200m in under 22 seconds! This South African wonder athlete was the first of all athletes with prosthetic limbs to whom a great honour have been given by being invited to participate in great competitions such as the World Championship that took place in Manchester, as well as the Grand Prix meeting in Helsinki.

Jirí Jezek

Another important name on the 'athletes with prosthetic limbs' list is Jirí Jezek who became one of the most successful disabled cyclists in the world, after winning a gold metal in three Paralympic Games that took place in 2000, 2004 and 2008.

He lost a leg at the age of 11 due to a car accident, but that has proven to be quite a driving force as he decided to try cycling as a hobby, at the age of 20. A few years afterwards, he became a force to be reckoned with, competing along with other handicapped sportsmen and winning two gold metals at the Paralympic Games that took place in Sydney. He competes against both disabled athletes and healthy sportsmen, proving to what extent a man's ambition can overcome a missing limb.